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2018 Mid Year Concert

20180619 - Evolve Music Concert-D000_209

Our 2018 Mid Year Concert was held on Tuesday 19th June at the Main Auditorium at One Community Church. Our performance was accompanied by the wonderful Jisook Noh. Well Done to all the performers, and a big thank you to everyone who participated as this won't be possible without all of your help and support!

Our group performance piece was Semisonic's 'Closing Time', arranged by Scott & Sonoko for the students. Congratulations to everyone as it was a big success. Well done everyone!

Most of the performances can be viewed below. (Please excuse the viewing angle as the camera position was a little tight that day! )

You can download the photos below - taken by Karen Hutchinson photography. 

20180619 - Evolve Music Concert-D000_185
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