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Scott symes

Drum & Music Educator

Music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories involved hitting pots and pans behind the tv, while another was listening to Johnny Cash (and many others) as we drove across outback Australia on family holidays. Something stuck with me and I've never been the same since!

It wasn't until grade 2 or 3 at school that I had an opportunity to begin learning an instrument. My school had started a music program and both guitar and piano were very popular. I, for some strange reason, decided that Bassoon (Yes! Bassoon) was going to be my instrument. (Un)Fortunately, my fingers wouldn't reach the keys and that idea was scrapped. Sometime later, a drum program was launched and upon seeing this magical instrument in action, my mind was set! My parents' minds weren't, but I stayed committed and have not looked back.

Scott Drums 23496.jpg

I have been teaching drums for over 23 years. My students range from young beginners (4 years old) to adults and have prepared many students for exams (AMEB, Trinity) as well as assisted students with their personal musical goals - be it for auditions, recordings, or for leisure. 


In order to stimulate a students learning, lessons are broken into particular formats.

It is essential for a student to develop reading skills, to explore musical styles and also to understand the mechanics of playing Drumkit. Then, it is of utmost importance to apply this knowledge. Usually this will involve play-along sessions  or "Jamming" time.


To simply learn to recite songs does not constitute a good or great musician. Such methods only skim the surface of what it takes to be musical and generally result in short term satisfaction for both performer and listener. 


Developing technique provides a musician with greater vocabulary from which to express, therefore allowing a more honest and complete performance.


Music is a life long pursuit. There is no ending, just an exit.


Beginners only need to have Sticks and a Practice Pad (preferably on a stand). Practice pads generally cost around $20 (depending on size and brand) and a good pair of drumsticks cost around $10~15. 


Having a drum kit is not essential immediately. (My first 6 years were on a pad).


Please bring your own sticks to your lessons. 

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